Is the hotel well located? Is it close to the city center?
The hotel is located within the upper part of the old town of Mondovì, called district Piazza, accessible by all means of transport and also with the funicular.

Do the rooms all have independent toilet?
Yes, all rooms have inside the toilet: some with bathtub, others with shower.

Does the hotel also offers rooms for disabled guests?
We have two rooms suitable for disabled people.

What is the access policy towards minors?
The hotel will not allow entry to minors not accompanied by their parents.

Are pets allowed?
Small pets are allowed.

Does the hotel has inside a restaurant?
No, the hotel does not have a restaurant, but a fully-equipped communal kitchen for guests who wish to use it.

Does the hotel offers connecting rooms?
Yes. We have several rooms connected to each other, identified as Suite 2 and Suite 3 (ideal for families!).

In the room are available bathroom accessories?
Yes, you will find different products: shower gel, shampoo, etc.

Does the hotel offers Wi-Fi service?
Yes, it provides a Wi-Fi coverage for the complimentary internet access. In addition,  at the ground floor there is a free internet corner.

Does the hotel is compliant with fire safety measures?
Yes, the hotel, with the necessary permissions to the fire-fighting purposes, is equipped with a system for detecting and extinguishing fires, as well as other preventive and emergency measures to ensure the safety of our guests.

Is there always someone at reception?
The reception is open from 8.00am to 10.00am and from 5.00pm to 7pm.00 hours; overtime it’s necessary to contact us at the phone numbers: +39.0174.47183 or +39.373.7524863.

What time do you have to realize the check-in and check-out? Check-in: from 2.00pm to 8.00pm hours; overtime it’s necessary to contact us at the phone numbers: +39.0174.47183 or +39.373.7524863.
Check-out: by 11.00am hours.

The plane / train schedule for my departure is set later than 1.30pm hours, deadline for check-out. Can I use the room a little over?
Yes, you can talk to reception about your needs and we will do everything possible to meet them. If possible, we can offer you the use of the room up to 7.00pm, charging only half fare.

Do children have to pay?

  • Children who need a cot ( which will be provided free of charge on request) does not affect the room rate;
  • Children who require a real bed are considered to all effects as adults, so also for the determination of the room.

The room price also includes breakfast?
Yes, breakfast is included in the room price.